Metaverse Gallery

Axiom Asset Acceleration has recently decided to launch a metaverse art museum business as part of its digital asset management division. This business aims to manage, store, and exhibit digital art and art collections in virtual spaces.Our metaverse art museum focuses on collecting digital art pieces created by talented artists from around the world, aiming to increase their value. Furthermore, by exhibiting these artworks in virtual spaces, we provide an environment where customers can enjoy art pieces anytime, anywhere.Additionally, by utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, we will bring innovation to the authentication, trading, and exhibition methods of art pieces, contributing to the development of the digital art market. To maximize the value of our clients' investments, our expert team will support the selection and management of art pieces based on strict criteria.Axiom Asset Acceleration's metaverse art museum business aims not only to spread the appeal of digital art to many people but also to provide new opportunities for asset management.

What is Digital Art (NFT) ?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is like a certificate that represents ownership of digital content. For example, if you create a digital asset such as an image or video, you can register it as an NFT. By doing so, when someone else uses that asset, your ownership is verified, and you can receive appropriate compensation.Let's think of another analogy. An NFT is like a certificate of authenticity for an art piece you've purchased. If you buy a painting at a museum, the accompanying certificate proves that you are the owner of that painting. Similarly, an NFT verifies the ownership of a digital asset and is necessary for receiving appropriate compensation.In short, NFTs are an innovative technology for determining the ownership of digital assets, making online transactions more accessible. As a result, artists and creators can more easily receive compensation for their work, and the transparency of transactions can be improved.

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