Company Formation

Start Your Business with Ease By setting up a company,

corporate taxes can be reduced or eliminated, business confidentiality can be maintained, reporting and documentation requirements can be minimized, and there are no residency requirements for directors or shareholders.Please choose the country where you want to establish your business.If there is a country not listed, feel free to contact our sales team with any inquiries.

Open Bank Account

It is a foreign account located in another jurisdiction

The majority of offshore banks enable you to set up an account online, eliminating the need for you to personally travel to your preferred jurisdiction .

Obtaining Business License

Business authorizations and permissions

Business authorizations and permissions Business authorizations refer to permissions provided by government bodies, enabling individuals or enterprises to conduct operations within the governing authority's geographic domain.Our Relationship Managers will assist you throughout every stage of the corporate life cycle. With a Business License, your corporation can seize numerous opportunities.

Merchant Account Service

What is a merchant account?

LA merchant account serves as a specialized business banking account, enabling your enterprise to process credit card payments and other cashless transactions. The entity managing the merchant account acts as an intermediary between your business and the consumer. Once the merchant services provider verifies with the credit card issuer (also known as the issuing bank) that the customer has adequate credit to complete the transaction, funds from the customer's credit card swipe are promptly deposited into your merchant account.